Calm & Order...
"Vicky has brought calm and order to my life with her incredible PA and organisational skills. She works fast and furiously, getting stuck into the things that need to be done with precision and a great eye for detail. I put complete trust in her with my personal, business, financial and client details. Her composed common sense has brought immeasurable peace of mind during both office and house re-locations and during busy client launch periods. Seriously, don't put off until tomorrow what Vicky could sort out for you today! Her warm personality and wonderful life experience means she is also a joy to have in your home or office. Vicky is truly a valuable investment to any business." Lindy Thompson.
Lindy is a busy freelance PR consultant with clients in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and internationally.

"Vicky, I just want to thank you for the amazing work you have done with me at Old Leura Dairy!! I had strong reservations in asking you to come and work with us as 9 years of accumulated, unfiled documents and lists and lists of 'things to do' were what were waiting for you. I didn't think it possible for anyone to organize an unknown business and industry. Your positive, cheerful and professional attitude have been greatly appreciated. Your work has been quick and determined in sorting piles of paper as well as tidying up computer documents and figuring out where to store the umbrellas!! 'Ask Vicky' has become the catch cry at the office when looking for just about anything! Your genuine care and thoughtfulness relating to all business aspects has far exceeded any of my expectations. Thank you once again." Shaina Gliener.
Shaina is the Marketing and Operations Manager of Old Leura Dairy, a luxury Eco Tourism Accommodation and Corporate Retreat in Leura.

"Vicky has been my living hands for over two years, and I bless the day I saw her advertisement in 'The Gazette', as she provides exactly the sort of help I need. Vicky brings to her job her enormous enthusiasm, energy, creativity and diligence. She is absolutely thorough and has a huge ability to solve problems by organising, categorising, labelling and discarding unnecessary clutter. She is truly an accomplished clutter buster! I'm very happy to contribute this appreciation for Vicky's website as I am enthusiastic about her talents and how much she has helped me to get done the things I cannot do." Margaret Free.
Margaret is retired and lives at Faulconbridge with her husband/carer. A victim of motor neuropathy, she struggles with household and hobby tasks which require manual dexterity.

"After years of accumulated clutter due to family health issues, having Vicky's help changed my life. With her enthusiastic support, we went through every single drawer, cupboard, shelf, hidden corner, pantry, shed, garageā€¦ We classified, categorised, tossed, recycled, organised, filed away, labelledā€¦ My house feels fresh and free of unnecessary clutter. Everything has a home which makes my daily tasks of cleaning and putting things away much easier. My whole family benefited from her services. I highly recommend getting Vicky in for a whole house makeover! On a personal note, working with Vicky was a rewarding and motivating experience. She is punctual and works very hard. Decluttering and organising was actually fun. Vicky adapts to your style and ideas, and makes those tasks you keep putting off, happen! Thanks Vicky!" Sarah.
Sarah lives with her partner and their two sons. The eldest son is on the Autism spectrum and Sarah also deals with complicated medical issues.

"Doesn't matter how much she costs, I want her back!" Michael Macken.
Michael is a Sound Engineer. He and his partner have 3 children.

"Vicky's hands are indeed 'living'. My place feels so clean and now freed from the clutter, truly feels like home. Unbelievably efficent. Priceless. My deepest gratitude Vicky for your service." Naree Shields.
Naree is a professional clown and theatre creator. She lives in the Blue Mountains and is the mother of 2 children.

"Vicky has an innate sense about 'place'. Her business delivered the organisational skills I required while allowing the heart and soul of my home to flourish. She is truly gifted, bringing a wonderful combination of fun, sensitivity and practicality to her work." Maggie Mulham.
Maggie is married, runs her own Consulting Business in the Blue Mountains and has 2 children.

"Vicky has an effortless knack of organising a house and providing practical storage solutions. Everything has a home which makes life run much more smoothly. Vicky is enthusiastic, passionate about what she does, and gives 100% every time." Natalie Lascelles.
Natalie is married, works full time as a Holistic Counsellor and Naturopath and has 2 girls.

"Vicky makes organising look so effortless. She brings efficiency and logic to all that she does and she works very fast. Every home should have one!" Carole Young.
Carole and her partner run their Sustainability Consulting Business and have 2 children.