Living Hands is a Blue Mountains based business, helping people to organise living or working spaces to their needs.

It was established by Vicky Puig in 2008 after the insistence of friends and relatives who helped her recognise that her organisational skills were a gift that many people could benefit from.

Vicky is a born organiser. She has an amazing ability to see the steps required to transform a disorganised or even chaotic space into a functional and clutter free one.

Her broad work history has been critical to the development of excellent organisational management skills supported by great attention to detail, remarkable time management and the establishment of work processes that are logical, efficient, intuitive and creative. These honed skills are the result of 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, office administration and events management. Some of her business ventures have included a hotel in Spain, a bistro in Sydney and a home based administration service.

Vicky is passionate about her work and loves helping people. Mother of 2 boys herself, she knows how overwhelming clutter can be and understands that some people lack the time or ability to keep their homes or work spaces organised.

She brings love and compassion into what she does and is very mindful of how sorting through personal possessions and clutter can be emotionally challenging for some of her clients. She provides uplifting encouragement throughout the process, making it a gentle and rewarding experience.

“This work is my calling”, Vicky says. “I hope that by helping people set things in order, clear away, reuse, recycle and ultimately, sort out and let go of their “stuff”, I am playing a small part in bringing some more lightness and joy into this world.”